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High Quality Results

With utmost dedication and passion, we design, build, and complete world class interiors to the satisfaction of clients.As as a result, our excellent team of experts molds unused, lifeless spaces into incredibly beautiful, full of life and inspiring interiors. Our interior designers are well experienced. They are extremely professional and courteous. They will listen to your concerns and come up with the best designs to crisp suit them. Our team of consultants will research all kinds of possibilities and help you with the best designs that will fit your budget and style.

Your Design and Our Experience

By offering a wide range of product design services, we make certain that our services cater to all kinds of design demands. We undertake all kinds of interior and fit-out projects to enhance your space.We know that each project we undertake has distinct requirements from budget to quality products with the work entailed. To bring in the best service that fits your taste and budget, we create unique, personalized designs, use the best-in-class materials and adhere to the quality standards of ISO.

Designer Furniture

We are Real Professionals


We can match our projects to your individual space. Do you need a different size, finish colour, and shape? It’s a piece of cake, just contact us.

Hand Made

We made entirely each piece in our workshop; we do not create mass items. We refine every centimetre of the product as details make up the whole.

Perfect Design

We design and make each product ourselves, we do not consider any subcontractors, as we supervise creating it from start to finish.

Professional Friendly & Expert

Shikorel Limited

Thanks to our decades of experience in developing products to get the most out of our experience in corporates projects, furniture & Flooring. Our color and style trend expertise helps manufacturers offer flooring with high consumer appeal, and our innovative finishes improve the durability and appearance of those same products. Our forward vision has led to innovative breakthroughs like nano-technology, which improves scratch resistance and clarity in our finishes. And because we use 100 percent solid technology, our floor finishes are VOC free and have virtually no negative impact on the environment.
Ahmed Gougou
Founder / Ceo
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